Naming Day Ceremony

What is a Naming Day Ceremony?

A Naming Day Ceremony, or Baby Naming Ceremony, is a symbolic ceremony that is an alternative to the rite of baptism, suitable for everyone, regardless of their faith or ideology. The symbolic ceremony conducted by the Master of Ceremony serves to solemnly name the child and celebrate its appearance in the world and in the family. It is a form of affirming New Life.

What is a Naming Day Ceremony Like

Sky is the limit! Each Naming Day Ceremony is a unique event. It is conducted on the basis of an original script and contains elements of formulas and rituals. The Naming Day Ceremony can be organised in any location and on your terms. There are no restrictions! You can invite many guests or organize an intimate ceremony just for you and the Honorary Parents or your closest family members. You can say the greeting yourself and preside over the rituals, or fully rely on the Master of Ceremony. All with a beautiful musical setting or without it, surrounded by nature or in a lovely decorated venue, in a modest or lavish style, with a professional photographer and videographer or with a photo booth or Instax for the use of guests. You make the key decisions, from the ceremony scenario and its rituals to all the details and the optional reception. Of course, we are eager to help you organize and work out all the details of such a celebration, regardless of its form.

Is the Ceremony Legally Valid?

No. The Naming Day Ceremony is purely symbolic. In order to officially report the birth of a child, give him/her first name(s) (max. 2) and PESEL number, go to the Civil Registry Office or fill out the form on the website. The Naming Day Ceremony is a symbolic event with a transcendental dimension. It is a similar ritual to christening during which water is poured on a child’s head in a baptismal font as a sign of cleansing the taint of original sin. During the symbolic ceremony, you can conduct your own rituals which symbolise the love of parents to a child and promote his/her happiness and prosperity in the future. You can express all your wishes for your child and everything you want to pass on to him/her. 

Naming Day Ceremony – Why Us?

Organizing symbolic ceremonies is our passion. We have vast experience in this matter. For over 6 years we have been organising weddings and receptions in a comprehensive manner under the Wed it brand. To meet your expectations, we also organise symbolic wedding ceremonies – from creating an individual ceremony scenario to conducting the ceremony itself and planning the reception down to the finest detail. 

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The Comprehensive Organization of a Naming Day Ceremony

We will take care of the smallest details of the exceptional and unique Naming Day Ceremony of your child.

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We will take care of the smallest details of your exceptional and unique wedding ceremony.

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