Symbolic Wedding Ceremony

Symbolic Wedding Ceremony – Your Personal Declaration of Love

A symbolic wedding ceremony is one of the most beautiful and individual ways to get married. The Master of Ceremony, also known as the officiator, has the task of presiding over this special moment. Of course, it is also possible to conduct a symbolic wedding ceremony without the participation of the Master of Ceremony. In such a case the role of the officiator can be taken over by a close person of your choice.

An important element of a symbolic wedding ceremony is the individually prepared scenario that reflects your values, needs and expectations. Remember – sky is the limit! There are no restrictions or formulas when it comes to creating the scenario. You decide on the course of the symbolic wedding ceremony and the form of the vows. They can be either improvised or pre-prepared and expressed in the form of prose, verse or song. It is vital to pledge exactly what you want to give each other and what is most important to you.

Symbolic Wedding Ceremony – Organizing Process

Conducting a pre-wedding interview is key to preparations. Getting to know you as a couple allows us to create a scenario that not only reflects your unique story, but also values. You will be asked about your preferences regarding the style of the ceremony, venues and music to be played during your symbolic wedding. Such details allow us to prepare a preliminary ceremony agenda which, after approval, will serve as the basis for future work. We strive to meet your expectations and come up with a symbolic wedding ceremony scenario that fully reflects your story and the feelings you want to share.

The next important step is writing individual vows that you will make to each other on the day of your symbolic wedding ceremony. Together we will prepare the vows that reflect your feelings and promises made to your other half. We offer advice and help in wording your vows not only them to be beautiful, but also authentic and deeply touching.

On the day of the symbolic wedding ceremony, our experienced Master of Ceremony will conduct the event with full commitment, providing you and your loved ones with unforgettable experiences. The Master of Ceremony conducts all stages of the symbolic wedding ceremony, from welcoming the guests and the introductory speech, to conducting the symbolic wedding ceremony itself, as well as performing symbolic rituals (e.g. the unity sand ceremony, handfasting ceremony, or lighting a unity candle). Each of our Masters of Ceremony is experienced in public speaking, composed, open-minded and committed.

After the ceremony, you will receive a certificate confirming the conclusion of your symbolic wedding. It will serve as a beautiful souvenir and proof of your love that you can keep forever. This is a symbolic testimony of your relationship, which will remind you of that special day full of emotions when you made your vows and became one – for always.

Symbolic Wedding Ceremony – A Day You Will Never Forget

A symbolic wedding ceremony is a great choice for couples who want to express their love and commitment in a personal and unique way. Such ceremony offers unlimited personalization options. This allows you to create a unique event which will reflect your values, beliefs and love story. No formal limitations. A symbolic wedding ceremony allows you to focus on emotions, intimacy and building the future together. Keep in mind that you can combine it with a civil ceremony. What is more, it can be conducted anywhere, adding magic and charm to a given environment. It is the perfect choice for all who want to celebrate love in the most authentic and personal way, while emphasizing the value of a long-lasting relationship and mutual support.

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