Master of Wedding Ceremonies – Officiator

Master of Wedding Ceremonies – Officiator

Get to know our Masters of Ceremony

Our Masters of Ceremony are experts in their field. They make sure to fully understand your needs and expectations. By showing great passion and commitment they create a unique atmosphere during your ceremony. Regardless of whether you are planning a humanist wedding, a symbolic or stylized ceremony or any other important event, our Masters will take into account your preferences in order to ensure that this day will be forever in the memory of both your and the invited guests.

Each of our Masters of Ceremony is unique and possess talents that influence the style of conducting events. Regardless of whether you prefer a more formal or casual approach, you will definitely find a Master of Ceremony who will perfectly understand your vision. Their extensive experience enables them to seamlessly manage the course of any ceremony, ensuring harmony and emotions that are crucial on such an important day.

Get to know our Masters of Ceremony

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As a Master of Ceremony I am able to combine my passion with my profession. Lover of poetry, film and art. Winner of recitation competitions. Amateur actor who does not shy away from the spotlight. Served as a “Phone a Friend” lifeline in the TV show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. But above all, I derive a great deal of satisfaction from exceptional events. From symbolic weddings to extraordinary ceremonies. I explore the depth and meaning of mathematics and numbers. Outside of work, I cooperate with a foundation providing aid to refugees. In the evenings, I enjoy reading my fiancée’s books.


I am a strong believer that a man is the sum of his relationships and their quality. Therefore, it’s so important to spend time with the people we truly love! During the ceremony, I focus on creating an atmosphere of concentration and tenderness, as well as maintaining the decorum. Like the ancient Greeks, I believe that love is the most powerful force in the universe.

I conduct ceremonies in Polish, English and Italian.

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As an actor, coach and expert in public speaking, my experience as a Master of Wedding Ceremonies translates into reliability and professionalism. I conduct ceremonies at the highest artistic level, creating unique moments during humanist weddings. My mission is to provide you with unforgettable, emotional and meaningful symbolic wedding ceremonies that appeal to all tastes.


I love helping people make their dreams come true. This applies not only to ideas related to their weddings, but also to their personal matters. I am a communicative person. My strong points are impeccable manners, flawless diction, extensive experience in public speaking and the ability to react quickly in unforeseen situations. What makes me stand out from the competition is my thorough education in acting. That is why my speeches resemble stage art which is full of emotions and will bring a sincere smile on the faces of you and your guests. What are my values? I strongly believe that simple sentences can do wonders. I will be more than pleased to accompany you on this special day!

I conduct ceremonies in Polish and English.

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As a Master of Ceremony I have passion for organizing exceptional events. On a daily basis, I work for an international company in the field of healthcare, where I acquired management skills and learned the importance of attention to detail. Thanks to my experience I feel at ease during public appearances, where I can provide an excellent atmosphere and ensure a seamless symbolic wedding ceremony.


I like people and their positive energy. I strongly believe that together we will make your special day even more unique.
A symbolic wedding is not only an extraordinary event, but also a very stressful one. You can count on me in regards to handling any unforeseen situations in a calm manner and with a dose of humour. I will conduct your symbolic wedding exactly as you dream it. Each ceremony is very personal. I put a lot of effort into preparations to ensure that your wedding will be an unforgettable moment for both – you and your guests.
It will be my utmost pleasure to share this experience with you!

I conduct ceremonies in Polish, English, Ukrainian and Russian.

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I am an artistic soul, equally enchanted by reality and its reflections in human stories. On a daily basis I work as a book editor, proofreader and graphic designer. In my spare time I enjoy escaping from the city to the forest, travelling and exploring imaginary worlds present in literature, cinema, and painting. I am a graduate of an acting academy and a Master of Ceremony. I create consistent and very individual ceremonies to ensure unforgettable moments when expressing your love.


I believe that the ceremony – in particular the humanist one – is a moment for the bride and groom to celebrate their feelings that connected them. Therefore, as a Master of Ceremony, I focus on creating an atmosphere of warmth and kindness. However, the whole setting should resonate with you and serve as a window into your world. It’s all up to you whether you want it to be more or less formal and sublime. Bear in mind that your love will always be in the spotlight during your humanist wedding.

I conduct ceremonies in Polish and English.

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As a freshly minted dad and an employee of an international cultural institution, my life is full of challenges. In the role of a Master of Ceremony I find balance between languages and cultures, creating unforgettable moments during humanist weddings. I am a lover of music and photography – things which, like weddings, evoke pleasant memories. As a Master of Ceremony my role is to create unique events that will be remembered forever.


On this particularly magical and very important day in your life, I play a supporting, yet vital role for the bride and groom. I would like to be the person who will guide you and calm down your nerves with a smile. Your wedding is a special moment which requires awareness when sealing your love in a solemn way. The spotlight will be on you. My role will be to ensure that everything goes according to plan and that this day will always bring a smile on your faces. I would be greatly honoured to accompany you on this special day.

I conduct ceremonies in Polish, German and English.

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As a certified Master of Wedding Ceremonies and pilot I try to find balance between these two great passions of mine. Flying and the secrets of cinematography have deeply shaped my character and opened my eyes to the beauty of art. When performing the role of a Master of Ceremony, I transfer this subtleness to symbolic weddings, creating unforgettable moments. I always strive to enjoy the charms of everyday life.


A symbolic wedding is a one-of-a-kind ceremony. Its uniqueness results from the depth and rich intimacy that can accompany such an event. Moreover, the limitless nature of the ceremony allows you to plan it accordingly in order to fulfil your dreams. That way this magical day will become one of the most important moments in your life and all the related memories will always bring a smile on your face and warm your heart. I will be extremely honoured to perform this ceremony for you.

I conduct such events in Polish and English.