The Organization of a Symbolic Wedding Ceremony

What does the symbolic (humanist) wedding ceremony look like?

A symbolic wedding is presided over by the Master of Wedding Ceremony, also known as an officiator. It is possible to conduct the ceremony without the Master. In such a case the role of the officiator can be taken over by a person designated by you. The Symbolic Wedding Scenario takes into account your individual needs and expectations. Please bear in mind that the course of the ceremony depends only on your creativity. You don’t need witnesses, there are no set phrases, and you don’t have to follow conventions. A symbolic wedding allows to make any kind of vows, whether improvised or arranged by the bridal couple at their own discretion. When it comes to the text and form of the vows, you have all the freedom in the world. Prose, verse, song, rap, with a pinch of humour or taken seriously – you name it! The most important thing is to make vows from the bottom of your hearts.

What does organising a symbolic wedding ceremony entail?

Conducting a pre-wedding interview – getting to know you plays a vital role in creating the right wedding scenario. We will ask you about your favourite locations, general concept of your dream ceremony, music taste, as well as the size of the event and the willingness to organise a reception after the ceremony.

Scenario proposal – after the initial interview, we will prepare a preliminary agenda for your wedding ceremony. Once it receives your approval you will only have to deal with pleasant things such as deciding on colours, flavours and sounds. Leave the rest to us!

Preparation of individual vows – we will help you to prepare the text of your wedding vows. We will present you some proposals which can help in expressing what you want to say to your significant other on this special day.

The Ceremony – the wedding ceremony is performed by a certified Master. We determine all the details of the wedding day with you in advance to make sure that we dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Symbolic Wedding Certificate – after the ceremony, you will receive a certificate confirming your marriage.

How to Prepare for your Symbolic Wedding Ceremony?

A symbolic wedding gives you a wide range of opportunities to express your creativity and invention. However, as a rule of a thumb, the idea itself is not enough. What is equally important is its skilful implementation and making sure that the setting matches the needs. This often requires organisational skills, especially if you are planning an event for a large number of guests. If you do not have such organisational skills or enough time, please feel free to take advantage of our Comprehensive Symbolic Wedding Organization offer. As part of the cooperation, we will establish the budget and scope of our services.